Windows Hosting

Windows Plan

We offer the most affordable and secured plans Windows Hosting plans. All our windows hosting plans consists of the most flexible and easy to use control panel. You will be able to host unlimited domains and email addresses by choosing our windows hosting service.

Linux Hosting

Linux Web Hosting

We provide the best Linux Hosting services to our clients. Our Linux hosting consists of shared linux hosting, Linux VPS Hosting and Linux Dedicated services. All our linux plans are suitable for small, medium and large websites.

Premium Plan

Premium Hosting

We understand customers needs, hence we have introduced premium hosting plans for our customers. Our Premium plans consists of premium services including Premium data security, more powerful hosting plans and more flexibility.

Magento Hosting

Dedicated Servers

We provide the most powerful dedicated server hosting. Our fully managed dedicated server hosting will provide you a better stability and security to your business. You will be able to host unlimited domains and emails with our dedicated server plans.


VPS Hosting

VPS Server Hosting

VPS hosting is the most popular hosting services provided by us. Our VPS Hosting plans consists of both Linux and Windows. We use the most advanced technology in or VPS services giving your website the Perfect security and flexibility it needs.


Wordpress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most common type of hosting services used worldwide. We provide a fully managed and most secured wordpress hosting services. We provide a free installation and setup of your wordpress account. You can also avail Free WordPress themes in our WordPress Hosting Plans.



We have been providing web hosting services from past many years. After so many years we are proud to say that we have been providing excellent services to our customers all these years. The main reason for our popularity in providing the best services is our affordable pricing and an excellent support. These two key points have made us the top webhosting provider in the country. We have the maximum number of plans in our webhosting packages giving an outmost flexibility and reliability to our clients. Be it a single page website to host or a big e-commerce website we have the expertise for all types of web hosting needs. Our major web hosting services include Shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and CMS Hosting.

Linux Web Hosting


This is the most common type of web hosting services and widely used across the globe. Most of the starter websites starts with a Linux shared hosting package. Our Linux shared hosting package starts at Rs.99/mo making us the cheapest linux shared hosting provider. If you have a bigger website with higher resource requirements you can choose our Linux VPS Hosting or a Linux Dedicated Server Hosting as well. With our Linux hosting packages we provide a free Cpanel where you will be able to manage your website in an easiest possible way. We provider the most secured linux hosting servers to our clients with an uninterrupted 24*7 online support. Our technical experts are always available for your assistance be it day or night.

Shared Web Hosting


Shared Web hosting is the most common type of hosting services. Most of the websites online on the web uses a shared web hosting services. We have the maximum number of shared hosting plans, hence if you have a one page website with very low traffic or a medium website with more traffic and utilising more resources. Our shared hosting package plays as a perfect solution for all your web hosting requirements. Our shared web hosting services consists of both shared linux hosting and shared windows hosting. You can choose any of these web hosting plans according to your website needs and requirements. If your website is made on the platforms like, php, asp and Mssql you can go for a windows hosting service. Other than if your website is made on any other platform you can choose a linux hosting service.

Linux Shared Hosting


Linux Shared Hosting
  • Linux Shared Hosting
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • MySQL
  • LAMP Stack
  • One Click Instalable
  • Multiple PHP Version
  • Backup & Restore
  • Malware Protection
  • Cache Optimization
  • JS/CSS compression
  • GZIP Compression
  • 5x faster Apache
  • Built-in page caching
  • Built-in anti-DDoS
  • Keepalive Time Out Optimized

Windows Shared Hosting


Windows Shared Hosting
  • Windows Shared Hosting
  • MVC Framework
  • MsSql
  • MySql
  • PHP Support
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Multi PHP
  • Crystal report
  • URL Rewrite
  • IIS Server
  • Visual studio
  • Backup & Restore
  • Web Mail
  • Plesk
  • Ajax Tool Kit

Windows Web Hosting


One of the most important thing that one must consider before choosing a web hosting plan is to analyze on which platform the website is prepared and the applications that needs to be hosted. If your website is using applications windows hosting should be the only choice one should consider. We provide one of the most secured and reliable windows hosting plan. All our windows hosting plans are most affordable and compatible for small, medium and big websites. If you are a starter experiencing very less traffic on your website you can choose our windows web hosting plan. If you have a bigger website that requires more resources you can go with our Windows VPS or Windows Dedicated Server option. When you purchase a windows hosting plan from us you will experience the best performance and speed of your website with 99.99% uptime.

VPS Hosting


VPS Hosting is the best option for those website owners who are experiencing higher traffic to their website. A VPS gives the reliability, power and effectiveness of a Dedicated Server at much cheaper price. When it comes to us, we provide one of the most affordable, secured and performance tuned VPS Hosting services.You will be able to host any type of softwares such as Drupal, Joomla, PHP, NodeJS through our VPS Hosting packages. In our VPS Hosting services you can choose any type VPS services be it a Linux VPS Hosting or a Windows VPS Hosting. Both our Linux and Windows VPS Hosting services consists of 6 plans. You can choose the best VPS plan according to your website/business needs.

Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting is the most popular form of web hosting services nowadays. More and more number of business/organisations are coming on Cloud as it is the most reliable, secured and flexible web hosting platform. When it comes to our cloud hosting services we provide it highly available on all components. We will be proving a free cloud migration to our cloud servers. We provide a fully managed cloud hosting platform where all the technicalities of the cloud server will be taken care by us so that you can work on your business in an efficient way. We provide a free 24*7 support to our cloud customers, our technicians are available on site so that your website/business may never face any problems.

Unlimited Hosting

If you have a budget constraints and your website is utilising more resources Unlimited Hosting is the best option. In our unlimited hosting packages you will be able to use unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited FTP accounts and much more. You will also be able to utilise an unlimited disk space option so that you will be able to load unlimited amount of file in your website, without thinking of any limitation. If you choose our unlimited hosting plan, you will be eligible for a free domain name as well. After you purchase our unlimited hosting services, we make sure that the server is setup at the earliest possible time, so that you can go live at the earliest possible time.

Premium Plans


Knowing our customers requirements we have introduced Premium Plans in our web hosting packages. Here at HostingRaja we have always given the best and the most reliable hosting services to our clients. We have never compromised on the quality of service. We make sure that each and every customer of ours gets the best of the best services. Here at Hostingraja we have the best and the most premium class infrastructure. We have the best in Class security features, making sure that each website gives its best performance. In our premium plans each website goes through the highest form of security check so that it can never be attacked by any malware or any other forms of attacks. You can be assured that once you choose our Premium services you will be provided with premium class service and support. Our technicians are available 24*7 making sure that each customers issues are dealt with as earliest as possible.

Magento Hosting


The first and the foremost thing to consider while choosing a Magento hosting services is to know the requirements of website that is to be hosted. You can go through your website traffic status. There might be times or seasons when your website experience higher traffic while there might be times when it is experiencing lower traffic. You would never want your website/store to crash and face a downtime, in times of peak business and high traffic. In these cases a Magento hosting is the perfect option to host your website. We are proving many of the businesses Magento hosting services from past many years. We make sure that the servers are up and running 24*7 with an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. In our magento hosting services we provide the users with better availability, more speed and highest security. We make sure we provide a high performance eCommerce hosting platform to make your website grow up to the maximum.

WordPress Hosting


WordPress is the most common platform used worldwide for creating a website. One must understand that developing and hosting are entirely different. There are many things that one must consider while planning to host a wordpress website. We are considered as the most popular wordpress hosting provider especially in India. Mainly due to our most secured wordpress hosting plans which comes with latest and updated  features. When you purchase a wordpress hosting from us you will get wordpress themes worth Rs. 6000. We provide 3 wordpress hosting plans named as WordPress Silver, WordPress Gold and WordPress Unlimited. We provide a free setup of your wordpress, once you choose our wordpress hosting service your website will go live within minutes after the purchase your plan.



Dedicated Server Hosting


As there are number of web hosting solutions available today. Its very difficult to know which is the best one. When it comes to dedicated server hosting it could be said that it is one of the expensive forms of web hosting services. But to be true, it provides long term benefits to the companies and organisations. When you will choose our dedicated server hosting you will be provided with unlimited resources and much better flexibility. You will never have to share your server resources with any other website, hence giving your website much better security. Hence if you choose our dedicated server hosting your website will never face a downtime or technical issue when there is an increase in traffic to your website. We provide dedicated server hosting both in Linux and windows servers. You can choose the most appropriate according to your website/business needs.